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Friday, December 14, 2012

I downloaded M15 yesterday.

The english version.

It was incredibly pixellated, and Cartoon Network had made awkward pauses at places that shouldn't have had awkward pauses.

Dento appeared to be hit with the quality stick one too many times to count, thanks to the pixels.

And the quality sucked.

But I didn't care. Why?

Because the movie was bloody freaking AWESOME. 

Keldeo was badass, the Sacred Swordsmen were badass, Satoshi, Iris, and Dento were badass, and above all, Kyurem was even more badass. Regular Kyurem, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, squeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh, wait. That's a little outdated. We should change that.


Kyurem, you are now one of my favourite-est pokemon evar. 
Thumbs up for M15!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Riolu Hunting

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

First, I ran around Floccesy ranch like a lunatic for two hours looking for Riolu, and finding nothing by lillipups, psyducks dancing gangnam style, crying azurills, etc etc.

Note I have really high expectations for my team, so I was searching for a female Riolu.

Then, out it came!

But it was a male. Level 7. By then, I was crazy desperate.

Then, I realised I had only three pokeballs left.
Well, damn.

I had four members on the team: Overlevelled Oshawott, Attack-oriented Sewaddle, Pidove, and Purrloin. Of the three, I knew my Oshawott and Sewaddle would definitely OHKO the little thing. Purrloin was at the front. With half its remaining HP.



Purrloin fainted. Ouch.

I sent out Oshawott next.

The Riolu had 3/5 of its HP left. I threw a pokeball.

It broke out. Two to go.

I threw another one. It broke out. One to go.

I switched Oshawott for Pidove. Surely a quick attack wouldn't defeat it.

It did. Riolu fainted. Ouch.

After that, I went to the pokemon centre and bought nine pokeballs for round two.

After another hour of crazy searching, another Riolu finally emerged.

You nasty little troll, you.

This time, it was a female, Level 5. 

And it took twice the amout of time to capture, because I was so afraid of knocking it out again. Plus, female Riolus are extra hard to find. 

Success. The Riolu had a good nature(Rash), and Inner Focus.

I moved Riolu to the front for training. 

Then, out came a Riolu. And another. And another. And another. 

All of them came out right after I spent three hours running around like mad to find one measly Riolu. 

My Riolu and I had great fun beating the crap out of them. 

That's the last time I go Riolu hunting.

Cower in Fear, Cheren! The Riolu Kid is here! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

The sudden realisation---

that Sir Aaron is voiced by Cilan in english and Cobalion in japanese. 
Also, Clay, Hugh, and Colress voice Lucario in English while N voices (japanese) Lucario. 

And the level of HoYay between Lucario and Sir Aaron....Like, wow. Not to mention the highly bishonen Sir Aaron. 

Max, is it really all right to feed a pokemon chocolate? 

I think this movie gets to be up in the ranks with M03. 

I feel Kidd was highly unnecessary, though. She was practically a spotlight-stealer for May, Max, and Brock. Also, her hairstyle would freak even Iris out. And the part where Ash suddenly becomes athletic enough to jump on random friction-less platforms is quite, quite questionable. Finally, what mystery of mew, exactly?! 

Nevertheless, still better than quite a number of pokemon movies. 

Yes! Kotetsu's Riolu is going to evolve! This is going to be awesome.

I can't decide who's going to win, Pikachu or Lucario. As long as they don't make it like Ash vs Shooti, this is going to be one awesome final battle.

Guess who's about to get possessed.
The Evil Maractus is really quite freaky.
The Evil Lilligant will probably just be really hot.
Hello there, Colress. I can't deny you're hot. 

Also, what. 
Looks like Team Plasma has invaded the Pokemon Centres and  Toys 'R' Us-es in Japan. 
Must've been N. 
Is Dento one of the Shadow Triad yet?