Monday, June 11, 2012

It's so awfully weird; I went away from Bleach for a long, long, time. And then I come back, and suddenly, all the awesome things that I'd left behind, i.e: The Openings, the CMOAs, ship teases, all came back. WOW.

Of course, all the crappy things also came back. Can't have everything we want in life.

But oh, man, Opening 7 and 13, Ending whateverthehellnumberyouhave, and Movie 4, I am SO rewatching you over and over.
I was on TVtropes. And I found this article:

And from this, I can safely conclude: I have no idea what the hell this person is talking about. And this isn't because I'm an Ichihime shipper. I'm seriously just that confused.