Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I read someplace on tumblr that there were a lot of other Gen III-ers running loose on the web, demanding Gen III remakes till it got annoying.

Question is, why don't I see any of them?

All I see are Gen II and Gen IV. A LOT of Gen IV fanboys. Mostly people fangirling over Cynthia, really. Also, I haven't found another Gen III-er as annoying as the Gen IV-ers on Youtube and such.

But as a Gen III-er (of sorts), I do admit I enjoyed the game lots. Hooray for Hoenn!

This is the best Ash picture I have ever seen. Why do people hate him so much?

Why hello there, Tobias. Your Darkrai shall be receive its due CurbStompBattle.  
One of my best friends hates my new favourite starter pokemon. Mijumaru is sad. 

DERP is not amused.

But that's what Daikenki is here for! Those two are beyond adorable.

Don't worry-we still love you. We being me. 

So take some oshawott/mijumaru love for now. 


Kindness isn't always a good thing, Yanappu. But you have no idea how much cuteness you have. 

It's things like these that makes your mind explode when playing pokemon. 

No wonder it's so addictive. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

So after the rant just now, I've realised that I really harbour many, many unpopular opinions in pokemon.

-I don't really like N that much. Scratch that, I hate him now. BW1 N, that is.
-I like Best Wishes a lot. (Best Wishes Season 2 kind of stinks, though)
-I like Ash.
-I like Oshawott more than Snivy. And Samurott more than Serperior.
-I like all three Unova Starters.
-I don't like Burgundy.
-I like Pansage so much, it hurts.
-I still think the Striaton Trio is the Shadow Triad.
-Iris is my favourite champion. NOT Cynthia.
-I like the Best Wishes Trio(i.e: Ash, Iris, Cilan) more than any other trio. Or Quartet, in Hoenn.
-I like Ash's Oshawott MORE than Dawn's Piplup.
-I like that Jessie and James have become badass.
-I find Kotetsu cool.
-I like Salamence more than Garchomp.
-I like Wishfulshipping. A lot.
-I don't like gay pokemon pairings. (Take THAT, Isshushipping!)
-I don't like any pairing with N in it.
-I like Keldeo. And the Musketeer Trio. And Resolute Forme Keldeo.
-I DON'T think that Gen I was the best generation ever.
-I DON'T think that the only generation better than Gen I was Gen IV.
-I like Zekrom more than Reshiram.
-I liked Kyurem before B2W2 came out.
-I like Raichu more than Pikahcu.
-I HATE FerriswheelShipping. And IsshuShipping. Did I mention any pairing with N in it?
-I think beating up audinos for experience points when you don't need to is just cruel. The audino
double-edge-ing you non-stop till your zweilous faints is something else altogether.
-I think M15 is kickass. Also M03.
-I picked Bulbasaur as my Kanto starter.
-I think this card is really, really awesome.

I really should post this somewhere on Tumblr. This is pure gold.
Okay, I'm really not getting why everyone loves N so much. Thanks to Pokemon Special, I'm kind of starting to hate him. And I'm a teenager with a crush on nearly every bishonen male in Black and White.

I would've stuck the Shadow Triad here too, but I ran out of space.

Every bishonen male in Black and White except N. Especially in Pokemon Special, where he's getting to be a really huge jerkass.

You separate Gigi from White, and then NOW you separate Musha from Black. And then give the both of them BSODs. When they didn't even want to be separated till you "convinced" them. What're you going to do after that, separate yourself from Zekrom?

But let's face it. He's a DracoInLeatherPants. I know he didn't mean to do harm in the games, but immediately the entire fandom starts crowning him a wonderful messiah person, and that he didn't deserve to have such a horrible thing happen to him, and pretty much call him "The Most Kind, Benevolent, Wonderful, etc etc, Character in Pokemon". But I remind you that he was still a jerkass for the majority of BW1. And very much in Pokemon Special(I can't compare with other manga, since I can't get hold of them). And don't forget, he actually broke into Cedric Juniper's lab to steal his starters for the sake of "liberation". Starters that were supposed to be distributed to enterprising, young trainers, the ones like you and me that start every new adventure in their region the moment they meet the professor and pick up their first pokedex. Imagine coming to the pokemon lab, then finding out that the pokemon meant for you've disappeared because some guy in a baseball cap and green hair just broke in and stole them. Imagine the pokemon's confusion when they're suddenly taken from their home, where they were originally expected to go off with a kind, adoring trainer, to suddenly go along with a creepy soul-less green-haired guy with no explanation whatsoever than "I've liberated you". Do you want to be liberated? No. Do you want to leave? No. But are you give a choice? Hell no. I do like some characters for being plain jackasses(the gym leaders in their gym battles immediately come to mind), but this guy really falls under my Overrated list in terms of his popularity. I mean, he's the most popular character in Japan! He's shipped with EVERYONE! He isn't even in the right state of mind to be shipped with!

That's right. I'm one of the incredible minority. I know he gets a little better in Black and White 2, but right now I'm still in my Black and White (1) state of mind(not having started B2W2 yet) and I don't want to stop ranting anytime soon. Let's just attribute this to FanDumb. I'll recover from this sooner or later. But right now, not yet. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rukia draws Ishida fanart. Rukia draws Ishida as an adorable bunny with a bow(not that one).

Rukia draws Ishida fanart. Rukia promotes Quincy weapons. 

Rukia gets pissed off when people don't listen to her Quincy explanations properly, and when people don't explain the Quincy thing properly.

Rukia's Quincy explanations are nothing but Ishida fanart. RUKIA. DRAWS. ISHIDA. FANART.

There's still hope for IshiRuki! There's still hope! 

Also, the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book for episode 201 is hilarious. Just saying. 

So this week's episode was only worth it for these few screenshots. Those COtDs really don't deserve to have pokemon like Braviary and Drilbur. Those are too cool. I wish Ash'd make references to his previous adventures. Those writers really have no idea how much we love them.

Sparkling Striaton Trio and Subway Masters, we miss you. 

Why does Best Wishes Season 2 hate these two so much? At least they still have a fanbase. 


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Those fan-artists on Pixiv are a little too good. Satomi looks way too convincing here. 
Since I'm feeling so pro-Satoshi today, have some more Satoshi-looks-cool artwork.

I have more but it's someplace else. Also serves as a take-that to those jerks at PETA. HA!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is the most adorable Best Wishes Trio fanart I've seen so far. If I'm not wrong, the artist is a NeigaiShipper, but it's plenty nice to see the three of them together. They really need more of that. 

Yes, they're in the same egg group! Chandelure x Mismagius pairing now.  

Me neither. That didn't stop me from laughing out loud when I read this. 

Does this count as evidence that the BW and B2W2 Shadow Triad are two different groups, then? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

So my mom confided her favourite new pokemon to me today.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Damn right I do both in class.
Cleaning the paper after I scan it, not so much. 

After the latest episode, I can be certain of this: 
The writers of Best Wishes Season 2 really, really hate Dent and Yanappu. Also, wishfulshipping. 
WHY?! They're so cute! 

Don't worry; I still love you guys. That's what Pokemon Black and White Volume 3 is for.
Cress and Chili? Who're they? 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

So I shipped my Lilligant with Cheren's Serperior, and no one told me there was an actual name for it?!

RoyalFlowerShipping sounds pretty good, though.

This is too obvious, even for me. Come on! If it turns out not to be the Striaton Trio, I'm going to die laughing. If it does turn out to be them, I'm going to die laughing anyway. 

This is going to be one fabulous episode. 
Welcome back, Ashley. We've missed you. 

So I found this meme on Pokememes--

So I changed it a little. 

That's all I do on the Battle Subway's Super Double line. 
Pedo nature, ha ha. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


Can Black Kyurem be obtained here too, or is it only available in Black 2? I kind of want to get Black 2 for the Challenge mode too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

From TVTropes:

Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants

Hidenori Kusaka does this in regards of Pokémon Special, as he has to write along side of whatever games just come out. What really makes him impressive, however, is that he doesn't work for Game Freak yet the series has a sheer amount of generation-spanning Arc Welding and Chekhov's Guns. Fans joke that he can see into the future.

Arc Welding

Pokémon Special tends to do this. Both good guys and bad unexpectedly show up in later arcs with gambits ahoy, but FRLG and Emerald take the cake. FRLG was a result of all the previous arcs while Emerald was a direct consequence of FRLG.
  • Volumes 29 and 38 brought together and resolved so many plot lines from different arcs to the point that the HSQ was reached.
Crowning Moment of Awesome: Pokemon Special
You gotta give the manga-ka some credit for sticking with this series for as long as he has. Most Pokemon manga are just quick cash-ins or advertisements for the latest games, barely having enough content to discuss or speculate about. Hidenori Kusaka actually began when the franchise started and is still going strong with only Pocket Monsters being the other long-running Pokemon manga. Furthermore, due to the fact he doesn't work for Game Freak and plays the games to figure out how he wants to write his story, with all his Chekhov's Guns and Arc Welding, he is either the greatest master of planning things out or the greatest master of writing things out of his ass as he goes along. Either way, he's awesome.

Of course, we musn't forget the illustrator, Satoshi Yamamoto either, for his artwork and his fanservice in the BW chapter. As soon as I find enough stuff around here to tribute them.

And they made the Striaton Trio the Shadow Triad. And AgencyShipping. And FranticShipping. And SpecialShipping(also Mato's contribution). And AdorableIris. The list could go on for ages.

Thank you. 

Words from a Gen III-er

Most people on the internet believe that both Genwunners(People who only love Gen I of pokemon) and NewGenners(people who only love the new generations, i.e: Gen IV and V) are idiots. Genwunners, because they refuse to let go of their nostalgia, and newgenners, because they don't want to look at the past.

In my opinion, gen I isn't a good place to start pokemon. Unless you're Hidenori Kusaka, at which it's the BEST place to start. Neither is gen IV/V. Where, then, is the best place to start?

Gen III, that's where.

As of 2012, Gen III is right in the centre of pokemon. It's also where I started playing pokemon seriously(The first game I picked up was Crystal, but I didn't play for real till I bought Ruby version).

I can say that Groudon became one of my favourite legendaries after that. It still is. 

When you play from the viewpoint of a Gen III-er, you can look back at RBGY and GSC, appreciate the old times, and run through the beauty of pokemon's history back on the Black-and-White screen. You can also look forward in amazement at the new, upgraded artwork, regions, storyline, and everything that is found on the DS games, like DPPt, BW, and B2W2. And finally, you go back right where you started off, saving Professor Birch from the Wild Poochyena and starting your pokemon journey. It's marvelous.

That's what it's like for me, and that's what makes me love Pokemon all the more. Gen I, II, III, IV, V, and so on forever!
So, to make the count so far---

- Blue/Green lost to Red in the Indigo League(He may not be a champion yet, but still).
- Lance was ambushed and defeated by Team Rocket, presumably Petrel. (HGSS) Also, he got beaten up
   by a badass eleven-year old girl.
- Steven died trying to control Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.
- Wallace got beaten to a pulp trying to save his girlfriend from being choked to death.
- Cynthia challenged Cyrus to a battle in the Veilstone Galactic building and lost.
- Alder got defeated 4-on-4 by N.

Pokemon Special really hates their Regional Champions, don't they?

At least they make the champions look good. Very good. We love you, Pokemon Special.