Friday, November 30, 2012

No, Pikachu.


You don't know what he's going to do next. Also, look at those crazy evil eyes. All that Liberation-ness.

Apparently, that's an official picture or something. I don't know anymore. And Team Rocket's reappearing? Oooooooh. 

Also, in commemoration of N's appearing in the anime next year,

 "On your first Anime Appearance!"

Delivered by Hilbert, Hilda, and Cheren, no less. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

So THIS Samurott here..... a Female. Like, wow.
At least they finally bothered to make some other starter a female. I was getting sick of the all-male roster.

Also, Samurott fangirling. Kotetsu, you rawk. 


N is coming? N is coming? 


Now that Best Wishes Season 2 has been crap so far, what will N, of all people, be like when he appears? Now, I really can't decide whether to hate him or not, B2W2 Heel Face Turn included. I'll just......oh, dammit. I'll just see how the Pokemon Special BW chapter turns out, since I've realised that my hate is mostly for Special!N compared to Game!N. Either way, this is big news. 

While we wait for further updates, let's amuse ourselves with the N's Castle soundtrack from BW and B2W2. One of the best Villain soundtracks of Pokemon yet. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry, you guys. I'm a horrible pokefan, I really am. 

More electric-type fangirling today! 

Raichu forever, forget the little yellow squirt.

Also, the galvantula picture will stay on my desktop until I begin fangirling over some other random pokemon next time. Or when the realisation that they have six eyes actually gets to me.  

Presenting Hidenori Kusaka (The guy without glasses) and Satoshi Yamamoto (The guy with glasses)

These two have got to be two of the greatest pokemon manga-ka in the entire franchise. Of course, I have read other pokemon manga enough to say they're good too, but these two're just too plain awesome. That, and that Yamamoto draw some very hot BW protagonists. 

Also, how many pokemon hats does Hidenori Kusaka have? An Emolga one, a Minccino one, and a Tepig one--I bet there's more. But I guess it's a BunnyEarsLawyer kind of thing. The two of them really love their hats, don't they?

Now please excuse me while I start whining like a brat about the lucky people who live in France. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

/Drool. Especially the music.
Why doesn't anyone around me have a house to break into to watch this? 

Adorable Galvantulas are Adorable. 

Another unpopular personal opinion, but I find galvantulas cuter than joltiks. Kinda ironic that I incorrectly nicknamed my galvantula "Denchura" instead of "Dentula". 

And people say White's a horrible person for not taking Gigi's feelings into consideration? How dumb can the fandom get? 

Is it me, or are the writers treating Dento like Brock now? So far, in the first League episode, he hasn't said anything other than "That's right!" and "Satoshi chose his vintage, right from the start!". I guess to make it up, they're not making Iris say much either, but still, she's got plenty more lines than Dento; In fact, the two of them are practically standing in the corner like wallflowers compared to Satoshi and his rivals. Not that I dislike his rivals, but....I need my awesome travelling companions and I need them now! If they don't even get to help out during a huge crisis, like, say, the rescue team work in the eevee episode, what's the point of them even coming along?

Satoshi, you need a pokedex to scan a pokemon you've seen three times? Dude.

Also, watching the eevee episode in raw made me laugh at the eeveelutions' low cries. Especially all of them. Playing the games makes you a bit too accustomed to the foxy sounds they make. Then, you find the anime makes them sound all middle-aged like and you can't stop laughing.

Iris has an excadrill and Dento has a crustle. And neither thinks to use them against the horde of three cryogonal(my god, that's so many!). Remember Season 1, when they'd just throw their pokemon out for the sake of airtime anywhere and everywhere they were? *cough*Ep64 and 66*cough* And Satoshi, with his pignite, can't even drive them back. Man, I love Virgil now, but this writing is seriously a little off-key.

The problem with liking eevee and its eeveelutions is that everyone else loves it, and mostly because it's good in battle. Hell, even the nursery aides specialise in using eeveelutions on the battle subway! You feel like making it your favourite pokemon line doesn't feel special anymore. Plus, you also feel like you just love it superficially, and that you just like collecting them for a set. Just like the eevee meme says, "Why do people always want me to change?". The Anime did a pretty good job making Virgil's female eevee the leader of Team Eevee with its adorable derp!face, and damn, is he an awesome character.

Dammit. I want to be pissed at the writers, but I can't do it while I'm fangirling over Virgil. I guess I'll just do it when M15 comes out. At least Dento and Iris get proper airtime there.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Wishes has way too many good looking people. Right after Dento, now comes Virgil and his eight team members. Kinda reminds you of someone.

Hmmm. Not at all.

Also, the setup of the Higaki conference(Why not the League and its crazy pillars?)---

How many previous COtDs do we spot here? Let's see....

So Bulbapedia DID notice after all. I thought I saw it first. They even saw the ones I didn't!

I'm impressed they actually bothered to show all 128 participants here. It makes more sense than, say....just enough battles to fill up Satoshi and his rivals?About five battles for a league doesn't seem very league-like. 

Go, Kotetsu and Virgil! It's pretty much up to the two of you to bring honour to Unova! Which in the anime, isn't all much. 

Also, the League starts soon in Pokemon Special as well. Thanks to the elite four, I am positively fangirling like a twit over the latest chapter spoilers. Squeeeeeeeee.

Lastly, these gems of a few screenshots:

"You said WHO's promoting Wishfulshipping in the League episodes now?"
(Seriously, they even LOOK like they're in the same bed.)

And this one too! Can't forget Larry  Sandile-on-head guy! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls. 

But aww, man. Now my ST=ST theory is totally squashed. I wish Pokemon Special had kept that theory. How're they going to make them convert to the Black and White 2 Shadow Triad now? Although I do admit, they really do act like the trio from the Shadow Triad...

Yeah, like that. 

Also, from Lilligant-Basculin-Larvesta to Bisharp-Bisharp-Bisharp or Accelgor-Absol-Banette is a very drastic change. That'll be very weird. 

But at least they're showing more of the Striaton Trio. Yippee for Bishonen. 

Ooh, yes, please, cannot wait.

Kotetsu vs Bianca is going to be good. I just know it. Samurott vs Emboar, Samurott vs Escavalier, Emboar vs Riolu....the list goes on.

Pikachu vs Serperior--I'm still sore over Dento's loss with that Serperior, so I'll just leave it at that.

Virgil vs random Crustle---Eh. At least they're showing Vaporeon, one of my favourite eeveelutions.

I hope they don't rush the battles. Best Wishes Season 2 is very, very good at doing that. Please? It's my birthday.

Speaking of birthday, look what I just found in this gem of a screenshot:

Dude, they've been spying on me. I do that all the time with my Larry Junior  Sandile plush. Someday, I'll post evidence. 

Also, random marill. Why hasn't anyone mentioned it? 

Whatever. Happy birthday to me. 

Kotetsu owns a Samurott.

Kotetsu owns a Ferrothorn.

Kotetsu owns a Hydreigon.

Kotetsu owns a Riolu that is almost likely to evolve into a Lucario.

Kotetsu has just become the most badass rival of Satoshi's. Ever. 

Well, the Unova League is pretty much going to either him or Mr. "Eeveelutions" Virgil. Needless to say what pokemon his team has. 

Either way, so long, Satoshi. This league is probably toast for you too. At least you'll get beaten by two characters I actually kind of like. If you pull something off and win, I'll be happy for you too. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Would Yanappu write Dento's name in a Death Note? Probably.

Still, I can't decide which ending I like better for Death Note; the Anime ending or the Manga ending. And then there's the Movie ending, which I haven't even watched yet.

Manga ending: More conclusive, but you really feel nothing for Light Yagami during his Villainous BSOD. And Ryuk shows his really nasty Shinigami side. Also, they actually tell us what happens to Near and stuff.

Anime Ending: Okay, now you can't help but feel sorry for Light. He's regretting it now. And Ryuk is slightly kinder--he didn't stand right in front of Light's face and show him the name on the Death Note. The ending sort of implies that Light kind of died of exhaustion, rather than of a heart attack. Also that he had serious HoYay with L.

And with that, I'm ending my series of Death Note for now. I guess it was okay, but nothing particularly awesome. Back to Pokemon.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anyone who thinks that Mello doesn't look like the Shadow Triad from Pokemon Special should be given a good kick up the pants.

Excuse me while I find someone to kick up the pants. 

That is one ooooold N drawing. Also, 

Got to love those dark, soulless eyes...  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm not even a quarter in, and I think the Light-Ryuk Duo has got to be my favourite in this series. And since my obsession with Light Yagami is pretty much because I can't stop hearing Dento every time he opens his mouth(Bishonen overload *gasp*), my favourite character has pretty much got to be Ryuk and his derpy smiley face. And he loves Apples. Just like Light says to Ryuk there, "You Gods of Death are rather cute". 

I probably should update that list of good episodes from Best Wishes Season 1. I just found another couple of good ones. A BW 31 example---

Background: Oshawott has just lost his little scalchop, and Ash, having not read the pokedex, doesn't know it can regrow. Iris finds Oshawott a substitute in a Iapapa berry. 

Today, we learn the japanese name for the Iapapa berry. 

It blocked! It works! It's the All New Ya Berry Scalchop! 

It's still blocking! It's-


----Oh, no. 

Oh, dear. 



How did the two halves suddenly become three pieces? 

Wait---what're you guys doing?

Look out, everyone. Iiiiiiit'ss--

-- Synchronised Chewing Time!  
A Pokemon Sommelier, I am not. 

This animator has a very distinct way of drawing smiles that's different from the rest. It's kind of cute. 

This coming from Ash. What tomfoolery is going on here today?!